Food Preparation and Nutrition

Course code/specification number: WJEC EDUQAS 601/8093/6

What will students learn about?

The new GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition, aims to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook and apply the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating.

What skills will students develop and demonstrate?

The Food Investigation Assessment: A scientific food investigation which will assess the learner's knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to scientific principles underlying the preparation and cooking of food.

The Food Preparation Assessment: Prepare, cook and present a menu which assesses the learner’s knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to the planning, preparation, cooking and presentation of food. These assessments will be based on a choice of tasks released by WJEC annually.

How will students’ learning be assessed?

Component 1: Principles of Food Preparation and Nutrition

Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes 50% of qualification this component will consist of two sections both containing compulsory questions and will assess the six areas of content as listed in the specified GCSE content. Section A: questions based on stimulus material. Section B: structured, short and extended response questions to assess content related to food preparation and nutrition

Component 2: Food Preparation and Nutrition in Action

Non-examination assessment: (Food Investigation Assessment and Food Preparation Assessment).

Assessment 1: 8 hours Assessment 2: 12 hours 50% of qualification

What grades can students access? GCSE 9-1 grading

What can students’ progress on to after completing this course?

Food Science and Nutrition, Professional Cookery, BTECs/ Diplomas/ Apprenticeships

Additional Information

Students will be supplied with ingredients lists and must bring ingredients to practical lesson in order to complete coursework activities. Students can also be funded to attend Junior Chef Academy – a 10 week college cooking course.

For further information contact:

Miss D Walsh