Emotional Wellbeing

At Forest Hall School, we believe in promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. Prioritising the wellbeing of students and staff ensures that outstanding teaching and learning can take place, and that the school is a community where everyone feels able to thrive. 

Our School Charter states that

We will respect and value each other’s unique individual needs and identities.

We will challenge ourselves and others everyday to reach our full potential.

We will support and protect our school and the wider community.

We will build an Outstanding school by working together as one.

Where everyone feels safe and valued.

Our School Charter underpins everything that we do. Forest Hall School is a community where we want everyone to feel supported, safe and happy. 



Students at Forest Hall School meet and work with a number of role models and organisations who represent wider society. We work collaboratively with a range of national and international groups - Stonewall, Hope Not Hate, Samaritans and Mind to name but a few. Students benefit enormously from the involvement of these organisations and people.