Forest Hall School recognises the benefits and opportunities which new technologies offer to teaching and learning. Having access to online information and the opportunities that the digital world can offer has many benefits and for some it plays an important part of our everyday lives.

We provide internet access to all our staff and students and encourage the use of technologies in all subjects in order to enhance skills and personal development. However, the school acknowledges that the accessibility and global nature of the internet the different technologies which moves on at such a pace means that there are potential risks and challenges associated with such use ie, being aware of privacy settings, filters and safe usage of social networking sites etc will enable young people to stay protected whilst online.

The school’s approach is to implement appropriate safeguards within the school while supporting staff, parents' and students to identify and manage risk. We believe this can be achieved through a combination of security measures, training, and guidance and through the implementation of our policies.  

As with all bullying, we will not tolerate cyber-bullying and encourage our girls and their parents to report any such issues either to the form tutor or to the school safeguarding officer.

On this page you will find checklists for social media sites. These will ensure that you keep yourself safe while using social media. 

In addition, if there are any concerns in relation to any content which is on the Internet or any persons who may be contacting young people, there is an option to report this online at CEOP - please click the link below. 


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