House System

We successfully moved to a House system incorporating vertical tutor groups in 2011. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength. Each House has four to five vertical tutor groups consisting of 25-30 students, with students being drawn in roughly equal numbers from each of the year groups. The form tutor has the main responsibility for the care and academic progress of the student and is the first point of contact between home and the school. The House system and its vertical tutor groups bring many advantages to the pastoral structure:

  • Tutors are able to target support for a small group of students at key times of the year (e.g. Options time - the tutor can give quality time to support the Year 8 students in the tutor group).
  • It provides a system for friendly competition between Houses in all manner of areas, e.g. sport, the arts, attendance, behaviour, charitable activities.
  • There are increased opportunities for responsibilities for older students e.g. House/Vice House Captains, mentors for younger students. Heads of House will provide support and guidance for the team of tutors. Parents/carers can arrange to see the tutor or Head of House should the need arise.
  • There are three Houses - Eagle, Falcon and Harrier. These names were chosen by Student Voice.
  • Each House has three tutor groups, made up of between 28-30 students from year groups 7-11.

Here at Forest Hall there is fierce competition between each of our Houses. Both students and staff are allocated a House when we first join the School. Each year, each House has a two week period to raise as much money as they can for their chosen charity. Each student has many opportunities individually or as a team to win vital House points for that all important total. Our House names were chosen for two reasons, our close links to Stansted Airport (each house has the name of an aircraft) and also birds of prey. The names were chosen by the School’s student community several years ago and we have proudly kept the tradition going.