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Free Music Tuition

Free Music Tuition

Posted: 16th January 2018

Free professional music tuition is being given to primary and secondary school children in Stansted.

Pupils in reception and Year 1 at Magna Carta Primary Academy and students in Year 7 and 8 at Forest Hall School are receiving the fortnightly tuition.

Younger children are starting to learn about rhythm using clapping, while older students are being taught music skills using the piano and woodwind instruments.

The extra-curricular work, which started last school year at the primary and this year at the secondary, is already starting to have an impact in lessons.

Music teacher Julia Lysons, who has 20 years’ experience of working with Essex Music Hub, said: “This is a great development for our young people. It is the first time we have had extra-curricular music provision for them and it’s already having a very positive effect. They are picking things up in lessons quicker and progressing faster. Their skills are improving which is making them feel more confident.

“Children who were keen to learn to play an instrument are now getting that opportunity and we are able to spot students who are showing real promise. It is also giving some students an interest they didn’t realise they had

“It is great to see the move towards a position where so many of our students now have musical skills. Starting that tuition from reception onwards will continue to have a huge impact in the future.

“We want these things to simply become a part of what we do in our schools.”

Students in Year 7 and 8 also study music as part of the curriculum and those in Year 9 to 11 can take music as a GCSE option.

The extra tuition is aimed at helping younger children to develop a passion for the creative subject.

As well as the growth in musical ability and confidence, the regular tuition is seeing other benefits across the schools.

Mrs Lysons said: “The tuition is helping students with their concentration, especially with more active children who are becoming able to concentrate for longer. It is also helping those who struggle with fine motor skills.”

It is hoped the sessions will soon include guitar tuition. 

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