Physical Education

Exam Board: Edexcel
Course code / Specification number: 5PE01/ 5PE02
Level of qualification: GCSE
What will the students learn about?
Theory Sports Science: Biology (cardiovascular system, muscular system and respiratory system) Biomechanics of sport, performance enhancing drugs.
Theory Sports participation and training: Why people participate, influences on participation, fitness training and testing.
Practical – Students will need to show 3 sports (marked out of 25). The exam board recommends that students participate in school and extracurricular competitions.
What skills will students develop and demonstrate?
Practical skills, ability to recall and apply information in the theory exam.
How will students’ learning be assessed?
30% practical (3 x sports)
70% Theory (2 x exams)
What grades can students achieve?
A* - D 2013 – 87%
A* - C 2014 - 77%
A* - C 2015 – 83%
A* - C 2016 – 93% 
After completing this course – what can students’ progress on to?
Sport related courses at sixth form and college, sport and exercise scientist, physiotherapist, PE teachers, sports coaches
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