Language and Literature

What will the students learn about?

Throughout the English Language course, you will be learning how to craft your writing to produce fluent and accurate creative pieces in a range of different forms.  There will also be a strong focus on using correct spelling and grammar throughout your writing. In addition, you will explore both creative and non-fiction writing in detail. This will allow the opportunity to analyse the writers’ choices with language and structure when creating their texts. As well as written work, speaking and listening skills will also be developed as part of the Spoken Language endorsement.

The English Literature course will take you on a literary journey from Shakespearean times to modern day.  Along the way, you will also be exposed to a variety of different types of poetry as well as 19th century novels.

What skills will students develop and demonstrate?

  • Comparison
  • Analysis and inference
  • Technical accuracy
  • Close reading
  • Evaluation and reasoned opinions
  • Writing for different audiences, purposes and forms
  • Communicating clearly

How will students’ learning be assessed?

Both English Language and English Literature are assessed purely through a variety of examinations.  All students will sit a GCSE English Language examination and all students will sit a GCSE English Literature examination.  Students will receive two separate qualifications.

What grades can students achieve?

Students will achieve grades from 9 – 1 (9 being the highest).

After completing this course, what can students progress on to?

This course is a fantastic route into both A-Level English Language and English Literature.

The skills learnt in English also help towards a number of different subjects and college courses that require inference, deduction and grammatical accuracy.

For further information, please contact:

Ms Black l.black@fhs.essex.sch.uk

Miss Dubois s.dubois@fhs.essex.sch.uk