Exam Board: Edexcel

Course code / Specification number: AD501 Unit 1 Coursework 60% AD502 Unit 2 Exam 40%

Level of qualification: GCSE

What will the students learn about?

Students will learn how to develop a project and work towards a final piece showing a range of artistic skills and techniques.  Opportunities to work from their own photography are strongly encouraged to help personalise their work.  Students will learn how to analyse artists of their choice and create work that interprets the artists’ style.  A range of art materials will be explored which will lead to creative outcomes in various forms of media from drawing and painting to print making and sculpture.  The GCSE course is broken down into 4 themed projects, which are directed by the teacher and the last project is the final exam theme which changes each year.

What skills will students develop and demonstrate?

Students will develop their drawing and painting skills so that they are able to demonstrate more accurate scaling and proportions of figures and objects.  They will have more opportunities to work with acrylic paint and this will develop their blending and tonal understanding.  Students will be able to experiment with a wider range of materials which will help expand their portfolio of work and find where their strengths are.

How will students’ learning be assessed?

Students project work is marked with targets set to help improve areas throughout their projects.  Each project is marked and graded and the mark sheets are also given back to the students so that they can identify where their strengths and areas to improve are.  Unit 1 coursework is graded at the end of the unit as a whole body of artwork, and then the final exam project (Unit 2) is given a grade as well.  The work is then moderated by an external examiner once the marks have been sent off to the exam board.

What grades can students achieve?

Nearly all students are able to achieve their target grade in this subject providing they have artistic ability and the drive to dedicate extra time on their work.  Students have different capabilities and potential therefore some are able to exceed their target grade.  Last year’s results were 100% A-C and the previous year an A* was achieved.

After completing this course – what can students’ progress on to?

Students can use the course to go onto any Art related course, as the GCSE is Art & Design rather than Fine Art, it allows more flexibility to go onto A Level courses that involve other creative medias such as Textiles, Graphics, Computer Design, Fine Art, Sculpture and Photography.  A Levels can then lead to Foundation Courses and a Degree.

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