Local Advisory Board

Hello, my name is Lisa Tooley and as Chair of the Local Advisory Board (LAB) I would like to welcome you to the LAB section of the website. You will be able to find important information about the role that the LAB play in the operation of the school. Forest Hall School is one of several schools who are part of a Multi Academy Trust called Burnt Mill Academy Trust (BMAT).  BMAT was created to establish a network of schools in the Essex that provide excellent academic tuition and outstanding vocational experiences for young people.

BMAT holds ultimate responsibility for all statutory obligations, accountability and decisions regarding the running of each individual academy/School in the Trust.  However, BMAT delegates some of the operational decisions to Local Advisory Board (LAB) to enable a more localised and focused control, though it retains legal responsibility for standards across all academies in the multi academy trust. It gives due regard to any recommendations and guidance received from the LABs and recognises their valuable contribution.  

Although the LABs are constituted in an advisory capacity to the BMAT Board of Directors, they play a vital and fundamental role of raising attainment and achievement in each academy/school through:

  • Achievement of Pupils
  • Behaviour & Safety
  • Leadership & Management
  • Quality of Teaching

To see what other areas FHS LAB has responsibility for in terms of review and oversight click here

The FHS LAB is made up of two staff members, volunteer parents/carers and members of the local community. Staff members and volunteer parents/carers are appointed by election by staff or parents/carers. Members of the local community are appointed by the board.

If you would like to contact a member of the FHS LAB please click here and choose LAB on the drop down menu.

Burnt Mill Academy Trust (BMAT)

Forest Hall School is a sponsored academy and is part of BMAT.

The allocation of BMAT (Burnt Mill Academy Trust) governance responsibilities and FHS LAB responsibilities within BMAT schools can be found here. If you require further information about BMAT, articles of association and annual audited accounts please click here.

You can contact BMAT by email on bmat@burntmill.essex.sch.uk or by phone on 01279 300555

Name Role Focus of LAB Member Register of Interests
Lisa Tooley Chair - (joined 01/16)

Teaching, Learning & Assessment and Outcomes

Register of Interests
Stephen Hehir Executive Head of North Essex Hub   Register of Interests
Helena Mills Chief Executive Officer   Register of Interests
Anna Myatt Co-Head of School   Register of Interests
Hannah Jones Co-Head of School   Register of Interests
Louise Douglas Member appointed by the Board (03/18) Parent Engagement, Behaviour and Quality Assurance  Register of Interests
Liana Corbett Parent LAB Member (joined 02/18) Welfare, SMSC and policy review Register of Interests
David Arora Parent LAB Member (joined 02/18) Health and Safety  Register of Interests
Elliot Tooley Community LAB Member - (resigned 06/18)

SEN & LAC and groups of learner’s progress. Safeguarding, CP & Health & Safety

Register of Interests
Amy Dias Member appointed by the Board - (joined 03/16)    Register of Interests
Geoffrey Sell Community LAB Member - (joined 01/16)

Attendance. Community, Website.

Register of Interests
Jonathan Perry Vice Chair - Staff LAB Member - (joined 01/17)


Register of Interests
Jo Andrews Staff LAB Member - (joined 05/18) Careers and Staff Wellbeing Register of Interests
Sarah Wedgebrow Staff LAB Member - (resigned 02/18)   Register of Interests
Joanne Whitmell Parent LAB Member (resigned 09/17)   Register of Interests
Helen Sims Parent LAB Member (resigned 06/17)   Reigster of Interests