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Maddie Wins Big At Book Competition

Posted: 11th July 2017

By S. Wedgbrow

When Year 8 student Maddie Whitmell wrote a short story for an English assignment this year, little did she know that it had also been entered into “The Little Big Book Competition.”

Maddie’s story was chosen out of hundreds of entries and won in the “Big” category (ages 12-17) for her story “The nameless, faceless bully.” Her teacher, Mr. Wolff, had specified that students must write any short story that they like as long as it had a twist ending.

We won’t share any spoilers so you’ll just have to read Maddie’s work. Her winning story will be published in an anthology as well as the website.

This is a massive achievement for one of our brightest students. Well done, Maddie!


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