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School Girl Lops Off Hair For Charity

School Girl Lops Off Hair For Charity

Posted: 11th June 2018

A generous school girl had her first hair cut in five years to provide wigs for poorly children.

Emelia Linwood, 11, last had her long locks cut when she was just six, growing it since to below her waist.

The Year 7 student at Forest Hall School had never wanted to cut her hair short, until she discovered the work of the Little Princess Trust.

She said: “I would like to give courage and confidence to those children who have lost their hair through illness or chemotherapy. I would like those who are unwell to know that people are there to support and help them all they can.

“I was inspired to do this by just thinking about how children, the same age as me , younger or older, have lost their hair and some are struggling every day. I was also inspired by my great auntie Susan after she also donated her hair to the Trust.”

Emelia has had a total of 11 inches of hair lopped off and donated to the charity which makes wigs for children who have lost their own hair through illness and chemotherapy treatment. Sponsorship for her challenge also brought in £715 for the charity.

Mum Ann said: “I was really worried she wouldn’t like her hair short as it has been long for such a long time, but she is loving her new style. She is so happy she took the plunge to have it cut for such a good cause.

“I feel really proud Emelia is grown-up enough to make the decision and wanted to help others.”

Co-head of school Hannah Jones said: “We are extremely proud of Emelia. She has completed such a selfless act for a worthwhile cause. The courage and bravery she has shown in cutting her hair will hopefully encourage others to complete such acts.”

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