Dyslexia Support Unit

Forest Hall School has one of only two Essex Dyslexia Units and serves students from across a wide area. Each year there are five students who are offered a place at the school and who then receive focused support in addition to their normal curriculum.  This is done through specific withdrawal lessons taught by specialist staff and with additional support in some lessons from Teaching Assistants.  Students are taught and given strategies to enable them to access the curriculum, work to overcome their difficulties and match their potential with real success.  Students who are offered a place in the Unit have to have a Statement of Educational Needs/Education Health & Care Plan which states Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) as the priority reason for the Statement/Education Health & Care Plan.  Admission to the Unit is through the Psychology and Assessment Service, not through the school, although successful students become members of the school in the same way as every other Year 7 student.


Parent Comments about the DSU

“Fantastic success reached in early attainment in 3 GCSEs aged 14”.

“Very pleased with progress – gained confidence in all areas”.

“Works more independently”.


Student Comments about the DSU

“Improved on my Maths and English skills thanks to the DSU”.

“I have confidence now and think that comes from being in the DSU."

“My reading and writing is much better and I am more confident”.